Hello and welcome!
I am so happy you found your way here! Thank you so much for your lovely interest :)
I truly believe, everything is how you think and look at it and how it makes you feel.

I choose happiness, every day in every way.

We are all children of the Universe, just like the trees and the stars.
The Uni-verse sings its beautiful song to everyone, and I listen and join in.
We are all one, connected with each other, the Earth, the sky, other wondrous creatures and we are here, now.
We are all natural artists and we all create.
I wish my work, my art, to be happy and full of love, sharing and vibrating this with others, so I intentionally create from a place of wellbeing and happiness.
I focus on creating an atmosphere of good energy. I look for good feeling thoughts and allow them to fill my heart, mind, body and soul, breathing in and breathing out. Growing joyful roots upwards, making heart-shaped leaves and smiling flowers.
The song in my heart is called the point of life is to feel good and be happy :)
I like to be in the present, enjoying the moment. I give my creations space and time allowing them to breathe life.
I have fun with this experimenting and playing, my projects can have a similar look or look totally different, to me what is important is how they feel. That the work is done in a state of wellbeing and happiness and that they are vibrating, humming, this tune.
I Love colours, art, handmade, wonderful treasures, fascinated by sustainability and beautiful organic things.
I am interested in looking at shapes, lines, structures, composition, colour, material and everything else! :D
I hope you find a sense of joy and peace in my work and I thank you for being here.
BIG cheers to freedom, happiness & love! :) <3

About the materials I use:
It is very important to me to use materials which are as safe, kind and environmentally friendly as possible.
This is an ongoing search to find the very best materials.
I always try to use FSC- certified or recycled paper and vegan, non-toxic paints.
This is an evolving process and I try to find out as much as possible about the materials I use.
Sometimes I also experiment in making my own paints from food such as beetroot, saffron, red cabbage, spirulina, blueberries etc. I have been amazed at the colours these paints produce and am excited in experimenting more with them! You can find some examples of work I have done with these in the art section :)

All the best, always. Namaste, Jen

If you would like to get in touch concerning commissions or projects, please feel free to write me here: